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XRAC Announcements

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XSEDE is now accepting Research Allocation Requests for the allocation period beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019. The submission period is from March 15, 2018 thru April 15, 2018 . Please review the new XSEDE resources and information below prior to submitting your allocation request through the XSEDE User Portal.

First time here? Check out the Resource Info page to learn about the resources available, and then visit the Startup page to get going! Startup , Campus Champions , and Education Allocation requests may be submitted at any time throughout the year.

PIs can now submit their Final Reports via XRAS. See nike wmns air max thea ultra flyknit vapor
under nike air max thea plum fog/purple smoke/white crocs
for more information.

See the XSEDE Resources Catalog for a complete list of XSEDE compute, visualization and storage resources, and more details on the new systems.

The Science Gateways Community Institute ( SGCI ) is a new Level Two XSEDE Service Provider. SGCI helps its clients build science gateways, at any stage of development, through online and in-person resources and services. This is in contrast to XSEDE's ECSS program which helps existing science gateways connect to XSEDE resources.

SGCI can provide specialized long- or short-term consulting services for hands-on, custom development as well as advice from seasoned experts. Expertise covers many areas - technology selection, usability, graphic design, cybersecurity, licensing and more. Expertise can be provided regardless of the type of gateway (citizen science, compute intensive, data portal, etc.) or the resources used (campus resources, XSEDE, cloud).

Consult the Science Gateways Community Institute site for more information.

The Texas Advanced Computing Center's (TACC) new resource, Stampede2 , is now in full production. The 18 petaflop national resource builds on the successes of the original Stampede system it replaces.


Latest fansubbed Terrace House episodes

Translations by Netflix. MKV release by Terrible House.

Synposis: Taka and Seina goes for a walk in Karuizawa. Shion and Tsubasa goes ice scating. Seina drinks wine.


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Translations by Costco Subs. MKV release by Terrible House.

Synopsis: Tecchan goes on a date with maimai. Daiki catches a crab almost as big as Mi-ko’s boobs.


Edit: Sorry for fucking up the torrent. I forgot to add the fonts in the MKV file. Please download version 2.


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[Magnet v2]

Synopsis: Rinati is plotting how to kill Maimai. Should she push her down the stairs? Use piano wire to blame a pianist? Or maybe poison her Chey latte?

Synposis: The new house mate drinks wine. Lots of it. In fact, drinking wine is her only interest.

[HEVC Torrent] [HEVC Magnet] (small file) [H.264 Torrent] nike air force one all white mens shoes
(bigger file)

Synopsis: The house mates now try to re-brand Tecchan as the least smooth guy in Japan. Maimai is a bull in the figurative social china shop.

Synopsis: Tecchan is practicing for the sleeping olympics in Tokyo 2020. Daiki tries to wear a suit. Tecchan goes surfing with Maimai.

(This episode had lots of signs to be translated. Also I’m going to encode OND with HEVC from now on.)

IMPORTANT: Use VLC or MPV to play your video.


Synposis: Shion and Tsubasa goes to a temple to smoke. Tsubasa has her hockey match. Yuudai cooks food for the first time ever. Someone is a air jordan retro 5 black university blue am0SLPIfk

Synopsis: Daiki goes from kickboxing to unboxing. Tecchan eagerly awaits the new girl joining. Will the new house cause more things to happen, or will they need to call in Seina-sensei?

(Season 4 finale. Stay tuned for season 5)

Synopsis: Midori turns 21 and throws a birthday party. The house mates prepares to move to a new house. They get kicked out due to excessive wine stains and lack of sex in the house.

By Willa Paskin

Last week, Roseanne returned to ABC after a 20-year hiatus. The series, about the blue-collar Conner family, always seemed like a particularly well-timed reboot. It was a nostalgia play, sure, but one with a resounding reason to be: the election of Donald Trump. For eight seasons (ignoring the ninth, in which Roseanne seemed to have won the lottery) the Conners labored to make ends meet, hold steady jobs, and provide for their children, establishing themselves as members of the struggling white working class. When this group, nike air max 95 japanese exclusive
as well as economic fears, was widely credited with delivering the presidency to Trump—with an assist from Roseanne Barr, who also voted for him— ABC decided it would be a good time to bring back the newly relevant Conners. It would have been hard to predict how good a time. More than 18 million people watched the new Roseanne ,a gargantuan number for 2018 . ABC immediately picked it up for another season .

Roseanne has always been a political sitcom—Barr envisioned it, from the start, as grey air jordan 4s
—and in the days after its ratings triumph, Roseanne has been dissected in a manner familiar from 2016 election post-mortems. What accounts for the show’s ratings victory? Had Roseanne ’s audience been underserved and undercounted by the media establishment? Is watching Roseanne morally defensible for conservatives? How morally indefensible is watching Roseanne for liberals?

The essayist and novelist Roxane Gay wrote in an op-ed for the New York Times that she would not continue watching Roseanne , though she found it funny, because “This fictional family, and the show’s very real creator, are further normalizing Trump and his warped, harmful political ideologies.” Writer and political commentator Jared Yates Sexton, hurley phantom sandal with nike free technology clipart j9Cjc
and then for Elle , argued that Roseanne sanitizes Trump voters, ignoring their racism and intolerance and making the show a dream machine for someone like Steve Bannon, who worked so hard to convince potential voters that supporting Donald Trump didn’t mean they were prejudiced.” Meanwhile, Daily Show writer Daniel Radosh observed that Sexton’s argument was nearly identical to conservative Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro’s, who argued that critics love the show because it “recasts Trump voters as social leftists who just disagree about economics.” And then there was Trump himself, who called Barr to congratulate her on the ratings and, speaking to union members website for air jordans ZccpW
, said, “Look at Roseanne! Look at her ratings! They were unbelievable! Over 18 million people! And it was about us!”

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Bloomberg Law Convergence filters, tracks and delivers highly relevant, critical information from tens of thousands of reliable news sources, legal blogs, federal, state and local governments, and your own paid sources of information.

This continuous monitoring ensures your organization gets relevant, accurate, and complete information without the time spent searching using traditional methods. And with search taxonomies tailored to the specific needs of your firm, you’ll get the intelligence you need without the noise that clutters other search methods.

Bloomberg Law Convergence Delivers:

The Convergence search interface allows you to combine specialized taxonomy terms and keywords in many ways and adjust the relative importance of each concept.

Convergence dashboards are customized for your information needs and enable quick, up-to-the-minute viewing of clients, vendors, competition, stock information, industries, state and federal government outlets, and much more. Dashboards are highly filtered to ensure relevance, and also provide deeper search capability and trending analysis with one click. A mobile version gives you on-the-go access.

BNACustomClip™ is a news clipping service that combines our powerful, patented taxonomy with the expertise of a Bloomberg BNA information specialist to bring you critical news and information about specific subject areas of your choice.

Get access to general news and commentary, as well as specialized legal and government news and commentary.

Critical information can be distributed to users across the organization with an unlimited number of combinations of content, recipient(s) and frequency. A variety of reporting options are available, including email, RSS feeds, embedded dashboards, and XML output for integration into third-party applications.


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